Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 12.46.07 PMChild with Ulcerative Colitis

Dear Alane, than you so much for helping my son Jonathan! He is 10 years old now and has suffered with ulcerative colitis since he was just 7 years old. When I took him to his medical doctor he had tremendous stomach pain, completely bloody stools and vomited on a regular basis.

Jonathan was immediately put on a high dose of prednisone which helped his symptoms but gave him bad side effects. I still felt that if we could get to the underlying cause perhaps he could be treated..

It was not until I met with you and did your stool test kit, that I have felt that there may actually be light at the end of the tunnel. Jonathan was so sick when I took him to you (almost back to the original state 4 years ago). I had two options at this point – his GI specialist suggested that he undergo very serious medications to control his symptoms (so serious that I was told that the side effects could affect his vital organs and he would have to undergo routine blood tests every few weeks to make sure his body was okay). This terrified me! The other option was to take a look at nutritional counseling and your stool kit. I have to tell you that I was skeptical that your regimen would work, but I was desperate. I did recognize and appreciate the knowledge base that you have and I could tell that you had experience in this area, which gave me comfort. You also told me that you prayed for wisdom and that was comforting as well.

I decided to try your recommendations which was definitely a wise move! The GI test was such a surprise! WOW! It identified that his body was lacking nutrients that would protect him from the 3 parasites and 3 worms in my little boy. Those parasites and worms were probably in him from the very beginning of his symptoms! No other lab had identified these critters. And we will change his diet now since you have identified a gluten intolernance. I put him on the supplements you suggested right away to get his symptoms under control. We did not see immediate results (but even the steroids did not produce immediate results). I knew that if your regimen caused some relief, it was “good stuff”. Good stuff is an understatement, because I can honestly say that Jonathan has been symptom free since March 2006. It took about 3 weeks for the bleeding to stop and about 6 weeks for his bowel movements to normalize. In fact, this evening he said that he does not even feel like he has colitis.

Thank you so much for helping Jonathan and getting answers!

Lisa M., Atlanta, GA

IBS improves!

I sought Alane’s help for gas, bloating and weight gain. No one could find what was wrong with my stomach and why I was gaining so much weight. I did her stool kit and I was so surprised to find several harmful bacteria and a parasite in me! She identified a food intolernace too! intolerant.

My symptoms are getting better, thank you!


IBS gone in 24 hours!

Dear Alane,

I have been your client since June 2006. The results I have experienced are dramatic and wonderful! For twenty years I have had varying degrees of colon and bowel discomfort which have steadily and markedly increased in the last five years. I have been to see both traditional physicians and naturopaths. I have read numerous articles, tried suggested supplements and recipes, with either little or no improvement. I can honestly say that within 24 hours of our very first visit, at which time I implemented your recommendations, I have experienced immediate and continuing improvement. This feels like a miracle to me! And I am so glad I took your stool test! I never would have known what was causing my bowel distress if I hadn’t! I will continue to be your trusting client and will follow your advice, looking forward to even stronger intestinal health and healing.

Thank you, thank you.

Marty L.

Chronic Psoriasis Improved!

I took my daughter to see Alane as a last resort after several visits to her pediatrician and different dermatologists. My daughter had a skin condition that continued to worsen and the doctors continued to prescribe steroid creams. The food allergy/intolerance test kit Alane gave us identified that she was intolernant to several foods that she was eating regularly. We also learned that she was deficient in certain nutrients and the stool kit showed that she has a very parasite that can cause psoriasis symptoms.

Alane recommended we change her diet, eliminate the parasite with help from the MD she refers to and suggested a few supplements. I have seen a remarkable change in my daughter’s skin! The dry, scaly and weeping sores are gone and so is the unbearable itching! THANK YOU Alane!

— A Grateful Mom

Sudden IBS gone!

“I was all of a sudden suffering from stomach aches and loose movements. The doctors Iwent to could not find anything wrong with me. Finally I decided to seek Alane’s help whom I found browsing the web. She gave me a stoo kit to locate my problem (a parasite). Then she directed me to the MD she works with for the proper medication and treatment. She also suggested certain nutritional supplements to nourish my intestinal health and strength. Now I am on my way to recovery. Thank you Alane! I am grateful to you.”

R.G. in Alpharetta, GA

No More Crohn’s!!

Thanks again for all your help…it’s amazing how much better I feel! My GI doctor put me on medicine for Crohn’s Disease and recommended certain foods to help with my symptoms. But my symptoms got worse. I won’t go into unpleasant details, but they were interfering with my daily activities. I always had to be near a bathroom, and quick access. There was also severe cramping associated with these ‘episodes’.

You told me you suspected that I was reacting to the food I was eating and you adjusted my diet. The morning after our first appointment, I went grocery shopping for the new foods you suggested. During that shopping trip, I had to run to the bathroom twice with severe cramps, etc. I will remember that morning clearly because it was the LAST TIME I had those symptoms! It was an overnight difference. The stool test we did came back and supported your suspicions that I was intolerant to certain foods. I have been off the problem foods and the difference is amazing! My system is much more regulated, and I have not had those kinds of cramps since that morning. I have also been using the products you recommended (nutrients, vitamins) to help balance my intestinal system and I can tell a big difference in how I feel overall. I now have no difficulties at work and can go anywhere with my family without the fear of being stuck somewhere without a bathroom.

So, thanks again for your help. I’ve been bragging to my colleagues about how much better I feel; a few of them have problems of their own, so you may be hearing from them soon!!

Ilene H.

I Am Feeling So Much Better!!

“Alane Palmer has taught me how to nourish my body to enable it to eliminate my bacteria, parasites, pain and discomfort in only a couple of short months. By following her simple diet for me and by getting a few easy tests done, I was able to learn what foods I am intolerant to and are not good for my body. I haven’t felt this great in months!”

Jillian D.

Little Girl With Ulcerative Colitis

Our daughter started intestinal bleeding as a consequence of an allergic reaction to antibiotics when she was two years old. Her primary care doctor treated her with high doses of Predisone, Imuran, Asacol, requesting weekly blood tests, frequent and costly enzymes tests, and yearly colonoscopy in hope to help her get better. In the end all the medications only served to mask the symptoms of what was really affecting our child.

At our wit’s end and desperate to try something different, we decided to give Alane Palmer a try. At the very first meeting Alane gave us hope that our daughter would get better. With a minimal number of tests, (no blood work), little expense, and just over 4 months of her few supplements and her special diet, the bleeding subsided and eventually disappeared.

It was at first hard to believe Alane when she said there are ways to support the body to help stop the bleeding. But they did! Her stool kit helped identify the correct nutritional path for our daughter and her symptoms eventually were eliminated. Miraculously, our daughter has not bled for over 2 months. Gone is her constant fever, skin rash, loss of head hair, and lack of energy. We are eternally grateful to Alane for giving us our child back.

This short note could in no way express the miracle she brought into our life through her knowledge, and special ability to listen and care. We highly recommend Alane to bring a miracle into your life!!!!

Nickie and Felix D.